Secret Garden
Secret Garden


Blue Fog Mountain Range

Fishing site type:




Energy required:


Secret Garden is a premium fishing site in Blue Fog Mountain Range.

Covered by deep forest. Almost unknow to fishers. Many unique fishes can be found exclusively in here.

Appearing Fish Type
Fish Bait Picture

Leather Carp

Shrimp, Earthworm, Bug Leather carp
Catfish Earthworm, Bug, Synthetic Minnow Catfish
Bighead Carp Synthetic Minnow, Bug, Artificial Worm Bighead carp
Nile Perch Synthetic Minnow, Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Spinner Nile perch
White Salmon Synthetic Spinner, Paste, Synthetic Minnow White salmon
Alligator Gar Shrimp, Earthworm, Synthetic Crank Alligator gar
Goliath Tiger Synthetic Minnow, Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Spinner Goliath tiger
Asian Arowana Shrimp, Earthworm, Synthetic Minnow Asian arowana
Perch Shrimp, Earthworm, Artificial Worm Perch
Tiger Shovelnose Shrimp, Earthworm, Synthetic Crank Tiger shovelnose
Tilapia Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Spinner, Bug Tilapia


Item Picture Source
Durable Leather Durable leather Tilapia, Bighead Carp, Tiger Shovelnose, Nile Perch, Catfish
Catfish's Whiskers Catfishs whiskers Asian Arowana, Tilapia, Leather Carp, Bighead Carp, Catfish
Silver Scales Silver scales Perch, Asian Arowana, Catfish
Green Lotus Leaf Green lotus leaf Tilapia, Bighead Carp, Asian Arowana, Leather Carp, Catfish
Dead Branch Dead branch Asian Arowana, Perch, Tiger Shovelnose, Catfish, Leather Carp


Collection Stars Reward
1 10 stars
2 A-Chum
3 2 A-Chum
4 2 A-Chum
5 3 A-Chum
6 3 A-Chum
7 3 S-Chum
8 3 S-Chum
9 4 S-Chum
10 5 S-Chum
11 and more 2 A-Chum