Below is an ordered list of the prices of all fish ordered from least to most. Every rank of each fish is listed.

Price Rank Fish
123 C Paku
138 C Redfin Velvetfish
172 B Redfin Velvetfish
279 SSS Trout
292 S Redfin Velvetfish
360 C Peacock Bass
435 C Sea Rundace
933 S Asian Arowana
954 SS Thai Masha
1140 S Red Oscar
1302 SSS Thai Masha
1347 SSS Peacock Bass
1364 SS Longtooth Grouper
1629 SSS Sea Rundace
1647 SSS Asian Arowana
1860 SSS Longtooth Grouper
2013 SSS Red Oscar
1 star S goliath Tiger
2 star SS Goliath Tiger
3 star SSS Goliath Tiger