Coral bay
Coral Bay


Wing Coral Island

Fishing site type:




Energy required:


Coral Bay is a fishing site in Wing Coral Island.

Ocean with calm waves thanks to corals all around the island. Many colorful and beautiful fishes can be found here.

Appearing Fish Type
Fish Bait SSS Fish Price
Sky Emperor Synthetic Spinner, Bug, Artificial Worm
Bigeye Scad Bug, Paste, Shrimp
Redfin Velvetfish Paste, Bug, Shrimp
Sand Smelt Synthetic Minnow, Earthworm, Shrimp 1122
Pacific Pomfret Synthetic Crank, Earthworm, Artificial Worm 1173
Tilefish Synthetic Minnow, Shrimp, Earthworm
Bonefish Artificial Worm, Bug, Synthetic Crank 1182
Polka Dot Boxfish Synthetic Spinner, Shrimp, Paste 1203
Titan Triggerfish Synthetic Spinner, Artificial Worm, Synthetic Minnow 2457
Blackfin Barracuda
Panda Grouper


Item Source
Small Coral Reef Piece Panda Grouper, Bonefish, Redfin Velvetfish
Star Shaped Clam Redfin Velvetfish, Pacific Pomfret
Pearl Sky Emperor
Glass Marble Redfin Velvetfish
Torn Shoes Pacific Pomfret


Collection Stars Reward
1 7 stars
2 3 Energy +10
3 5 Energy +10
4 7 Energy +10
5 3 Energy +30
6 4 Energy +30
7 6 Energy +30
8 7 Energy +30
9 8 Energy +30
10 10 Energy +30
11 and more 6 Energy +30