Bait is substance used to attract and catch fish.

Name Grade Picture Cost of 50-Pack Info
Breadcrumb E Bread free The bait is made of mushed bread that was about to rot. Don't expect too much from this.

Other baits are arranged in different groups:Edit

Bait Group Standard Baits
Artificial Worm Bait S-wormA-wormB-wormC-worm
Bug Bait S-grasshopperA-bugB-cricketC-bug
Earthworm Bait S-earthwormA-earthwormB-earthwormC-earthworm
Paste Bait S-pasteA-pasteB-pasteC-paste
Shrimp Bait S-shrimpA-shrimpB-shrimpC-shrimp

Synthetic Crank Bait

Synthetic Minnow Bait S-minnowS-rookies

Synthetic Spinner Bait